Jury.online – FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Jury.Online implements a protocol which provides interaction between parties of the deal and its arbiters for blockchain transactions. Currently the protocol is built on the Ethereum platform, which allows it to be used in any transaction on this platform. This means that any company can implement it into own platform. If the integration is handled by the Jury.Online team, then all the arbiters which are included in the pool of Jury.Online arbiters can interact with the parties of the transaction to make decisions. Since the protocol is free and open-source, any company can integrate it without pools of arbiters.

First of all, the Jury.Online platform provides an opportunity to invest in responsible ICO projects in which the release of funds and project tokens is related to the results of each stage of the roadmap of the project with the involvement of third-party arbiters whose decision will be decisive to proceed to the next stage or to return funds to the investor. This platform is a particular case of the implementation of the Jury.Online protocol which is based on Ethereum.

Any project which is ready for a responsible holding ICO can register on the platform Jury.Online. After filling in the basic information, the application passes the moderation stage and then appears in the general list of projects. In the future will be provided the separation into open and closed parts. Access for investors to the closed part of the project will be carried out by a specially generated link, which the project transfers.

First of all, it is necessary to show Investors that the Project is ready to bear certain risks and approaches responsibly to the full implementation of the project. If you have such desire, you need to register, providing a link to the site, the company name, basic information about the team, ICO information and a detailed roadmap.

The roadmap of the project is a scenario for the development of the project divided into stages. Besides, the road map can be linear, branched or tree-like. The project specifies the start and end dates, the amount of money necessary for implementation, and the number of tokens that are given to the investor at each stage. This information is entered into the platform and into a smart contract, thus fixing its intentions to investors.

First of all, it is necessary to find out the minimum threshold of entry that each Project states for the passage of investments. If your investment amount exceeds it, you can follow the link from the project page, or register on the Jury.Online platform and invest in the project by selecting it in the list of available projects.

Unfortunately, under such situation, you should invest according to the rules that were stated by the Project for ordinary investments. Our platform provides for the automatic cancellation of the investment smart contract if the amount of investment is less than the threshold set.

In no case! The funds transferred to the project account are stored on the balance of the smart contract, and no one has access to them until certain conditions are met. Jury.Online has no control over them.

Project Tokens are also deposited on the balance of smart contract and are transferred to the investor in accordance with the achievement of the Roadmap stages. Jury.Online also does not have access to Project tokens.

Our platform is suitable for those investors who believe in the success of the project and the fact that from the long-term success of the project / its implementation, the price of the Project's token will grow due to the growth in demand. Instead of it the Investor receives the opportunity to return funds on a smart contract through the Jury.Online arbiters, if the development goes wrong or ineffective. In the near future, Jury.Online implements elements of disproportionate issuance of Project tokens to encourage investors, including, to play on the stock exchange.

Arbiters are public people, experts in various fields, including law, fintech, IT, who make a decision in the case of a Dispute to continue the work of the Project or return money to Investors.

It is possible to appeal to arbiters in three days period after the completion of the Road Map. If the investor does not appeal to the arbiters and does not press the "Accept results" button, the platform automatically takes it as "Accept results". At the time of appealing to the Arbiters, indicates the reasons of appealing, which will help to understand the situation more quickly.

Within three days period after appealing to the Arbiters, they are obliged to accept the Dispute for consideration, analyze the results of the Project, compare them with those set out in the Roadmap and based on it decide in favor of one of the parties. They can ask questions to both sides together, or individually, to get the necessary information.

No, it can not. Until the end of the stage, the Project is obliged to provide information about the results in textual form or in the form of files, all this information is entered into the blockchain with a certain timestamp, which can not be falsified as well as all results.

It is enough to make an application on our site. The application is moderated, and if you are fit, wait for confirmation letter on e-mail. All the arbiters who have passed the moderation will appear on our site in the Arbitrators section.

Each Arbiter, regardless of the existence of a Dispute, receives a percentage of the investment amount in the JOT equivalent at the weighted average market rate. Afterwards, in the presence of a good rating, which will be awarded to each of the Arbiters, he will be able to set the price of his Arbitration.

The Jury.Online platform takes 1% fee in ETH from invested amount (the commission will increase over time) or 0.5% fee in JOTs. The number of tokens will be accrue to the full amount of the investment without including commission.

We are going to set a new standard of the ICO, in order to save the block from "toxic" projects, and people could easily invest in reliable projects. Projects will be reliable if their money will spent on the further development and implementation of the project

Jury.Online has been regiatered in Tallin, Estonia

The max amount of issued JOTs is 30,000,000

During the first 48 hours of ICO the discount will be 10%, the next 48 hours - 5%

ICO will be held from 12 February 2018 to 30th April 2018

During the presale JOT price was 0.00054 ETH, and during ICO it is 0.00241 ETH. 1 ETH = 211.65 USD

During the ICO you will be able to buy JOT in your dashboard or on our platform if you choose our protocol of Responsible ICO

We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, BTCash, ETC

You can find the instructions in your personal account and on the platform Jury.Online, also our employees will be happy to help you in the reference service Jury.Online

The entry threshold is 5 ETH. Everyone who wants to invest 5 ETH and more will have an access to our platform for conducting a reliable ICO

Yes, 30% of all tokens issued are kept by Jury.Online and use for payments to developers, participants of bounty programs, advisory board and for marketing campaigns. They are also used for compensations in exceptional cases and to create liquidity in the market before tokens are traded at an exchange.

Tokens are blocked for 6 months and after that period tokens will be unblocked by 10% each month. As a result, the total sum will be unblocked in 16 months after the ICO end.

The JOT token becomes transferable after the ICO end.

We already have agreements with IDEX, and we plan to enter EtherDelta, Okex and many others.

We will establish a special rate for our investors, for example, ETH will be accepted at the rate of $ 1200. This is done, in order to show that we are interested in further development and everyone who plans to invest through Jury.Online platform can be sure that they will receive a JOT in terms of the fixed rate.

JOT is used as the platform fee from investors for taking part in platform projects, as the payment for arbiter service, including third party services. for premium platform services after development of ICO marketplace on the platform (reaching 20 projects, conducting ICOs at the same time)

We do not guarantee or influence the rate of the token. We are looking forward to interest in our platform with an increase in the number of projects that will conduct ICO on Jury.Online and expansion of the number of services using the services of our arbitrators.