Jury.online provides a protocol which enables interaction between parties of a deal and its judges for blockchain transactions. The protocol is free and open for use by the public.
The jury.online platform is a decentralized platform where deals are made. It provides the opportunity to have deal-related disputes resolved by judges. This platform is an implementation of the jury.online protocol which is based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Jury.Online protocol determines 2 parties of a deal in ICO - ICO project and investors. Invested money is deposited on a smart contract and amounts will be sent to the project development according to the milestones. Investors confirm each transaction and are able to open a dispute in case of disagreement with milestones execution.
For information regarding our team, please visit: jury.online/#team.
Jury.online is registered in Estonia.
The Ethereum Blockchain is currently considered the easiest and most user-friendly platform for smart contracts.
Jury.online has no plans to use additional blockchains at the moment. However, if another suitable option arises with lower transaction fees or a wider range of functions, for example, we might consider implementing it.
The jury.online platform can be connected to any existing system such as online stores or freelance platforms.
Please visit https://jury.online/arbitration and fill an application form.


The maximum number of tokens issued is 10,000,000.

The ICO has two stages:

1. Presale — where up to 20% of the maximum number of tokens issued is sold.

Presale discount is 30%.

2. Sale.
Time bonuses for early contributors will start from 20% discount on the first day with linear daily decrease by 2/3% Sale limit: 4 900 000 JOT up to 7 000 ETH

The dates for the ICO will be: Presale - from 23 October 2017 14:00 UTC to 3 November 2017 14:00 UTC. Sale - from 12 February 2018 14:00 UTC to 14 March 2018 14:00 UTC. (however the actual start/end will be connected to appropriate ethereum blockchain block numbers, e.g. starting on 123456th block and ending at 1234999 block).
During a token presale the price is calculated based on 1 ETH = 300 JOT ratio. During a sale, it calculated based on 1 ETH = 210 JOT.
During the ICO, JOTs can be purchased at jury.online/#crowdsale.
The currencies accepted are BTC, ETH and LTC.
Buying of JOTs will be implemented through personal investor's account, where there will be detailed guide how to buy tokens.
The minimum number of tokens sold during the accomplished ICO is 3,000,000 while the maximum is 7,000,000.
Yes, 30% of all tokens issued are kept by jury.online and use for payments to developers, participants of bounty programs, advisory board and for marketing campaigns. They are also used for compensations in exceptional cases and to create liquidity in the market before tokens are traded at an exchange.
In the case of undeniable faults in our system’s operation, jury.online may at its own discretion, pay compensation for the deal to any of the parties involved.
Tokens are blocked for 6 months and after that period are unblocked by 10% each month resulting in total sum being unblocked in 16 months after the ICO end.
The JOT token becomes transferable as soon as the ICO ends.
The funds are spent on marketing campaigns, platform improvement, research and development.
You can find our Terms and Conditions in Documents.
You can use any ETH wallet (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask), excepting those which was created on exchanges..
Using JOT
JOTs are required to pay for dispute resolution. This is how Judges are in fact paid.