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TOP January ICOs

30 january 2018, 17:04

At the moment, the whole world stand as witness to a period unlike any ever seen. A period that is changing traditional economic systems and default method of global interactions.

Each month, hundreds to thousands of ICOs are spewed into the market with innovative solutions for existing problems and this month is filled to the brim with such innovations. Will they be successful? That is the billion Bitcoins question that only time can answer.  But listed below are five of the most interesting ICOs to grace this month.


A fiery option straight out of the gates. Fire Lotto wants to supercharge the Lotto industry through the blockchain.   Fire lotto is built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to play anonymously on a decentralized and transparent system. Token holders will receive commissions from each tickets sold for every draw, creating a endless stream of income for holders. Fire Lotto has been designed for simplicity, enabling users get to the most important reason for visiting; playing games. All winning plays will have funds transferred automatically into the crypto wallet of the users.

Minimum Purchase Amount: 0.137 ETH or $175

Pre ICO: Ongoing till Feb 2018 (Offering some discount)

ICO Date: March 15 to April 2018


Gamers and game developers must be in the 9th heaven with so many platforms set to cater to their needs. Game Machine (GMIT) is one of such platform with a twist.  It will be a crowdfunding platform for the gaming industry, a place where game developers can create tokens for their games and offer them to investors.  Gamers can mine tokens for game developers through proof-of-authority and proof-of-work which will be a kind of investment in the particular game.

ICO Date: Pre-sales successfully finished. ICO is currently ongoing having started on December 14 2017. The event ends on January 31, 2018.


The ordeal of renting a house can proudly take it award has a cumbersome task. Rentberry addresses this perpetual headaches through blockchain-based smart contracts that eliminates intermediaries making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place. The platform has already work with several homes in the United States and is set to for global deployment.

ICO Date: Sales runs from December 5 2017 to January 26 2018.


All financial engagements requires security in one form or the other. Although, blockchain technology offers this, it's always prudent never to leave one's eggs all in a single basket, especially with such an emergent sector. Developed by the reputable AML, risk, and compliance service company for blockchain transactions, AMLT is the token for prepaid products and access rights. The platform brings an unprecedented level of compliance and transparency to blockchain transactions and is set to firmly secure the legitimacy of the technology.

ICO Date: Ongoing till 30 Jan 2018.


While the whole decentralized system is disrupting and eliminating third-parties especially Banks, Bankera is proposing a marriage of the best of both worlds by becoming a Bank for the Blockchain Era. The platform will offer loans,  investments, deposit and payment on blockchain. Already, the platform has over 600,000 clients and a well-developed IT with completed infrastructure available as a MVP in the form of Spectrocoin. Bankera will get it banking license by early 2019.

Generated income is distributed regularly as dividends to investors.

Participation: Through Spectrocoin

ICO Dates: ICO is ongoing and set to close February ending.

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