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Taklimakan Network ICO Review

24 march 2018, 19:22

General Idea

Taklimakan Network aims to help anyone, from beginners to experienced traders to make better cryptocurrency investments. They want to help them by providing various tools, as well as educational resources and materials, which could help improve their trading and decision making skills. Moreover, experienced traders and analysts will be able to publish their own materials, conduct lectures and courses and contribute to the platform, while earning the tokens.

The current problem

The developers behind the project have noticed that proper investing in cryptocurrencies requires a lot of skills and is a very time consuming process with a lot of risks. Most of the losses and risks come with the lack of knowledge and poor trading decisions. However, as the cryptocurrency market is relatively young, there are no efficient tools and materials which could help new investors improve. Therefore, the main task of Taklimakan Network is to create an expert community, connecting the leading crypto analysts, experienced investors and enthusiasts on the same platform to bring the crypto market to a new level.

The Platform

Taklimakan Network will act in a way as social network for crypto enthusiasts, traders and professionals. The dedicated tokens will be used as the mean of payment within the platform. User can create their own trading portfolio there and use all of the provided tools to make better investment decisions. As the platform will consists of many specialists and experts providing their own content and information, user can subscribe and monitor their portfolios and thoughts about market movements. They can even directly reach them, sign up for their lectures or courses and learn by following the most successful traders.

Aggregator of the news

One of the interesting features of the platform is the aggregator of cryptocurrency-related news. The analytical service aggregates, verifies and evaluates news materials about various cryptocurrencies and important events or situations. It is then provided to the user in a structured and convenient form, which enables everyone to keep track on the coins and their possible price changes to make better investment decisions.

Educational Materials

A huge focus will be put on educational materials for beginners and new users in the cryptocurrency world. They will be able to learn more about the cryptocurrency in general, what it is, how the blockchain technology works and why some tokens could be worth more than the others. This knowledge will help them understand the market better and find potentially prospering projects to invest in. Experts and experienced traders will teach them basic principles on how the market and currency trading works, showing various trading strategies and how to benefit from the tools provided by the platform. Each expert can share his trading and analytical abilities with others for a fee. Traders and analysts will be able to set the price for their services in TLKN tokens to create a demand for this currency.

The Token

Tokenomics (TLKN) token will be used as the primary mean of payment within the Taklimakan Network. It is used to pay for the platform services like access to the trading tools and educational materials or courses. Users will be able to additionally earn tokens by participating in referral program and receive bonuses for content and offers from the platform. Moreover, every user can send tokens to any other member of the platform and also integrate their own project with the ecosystem, accepting TLKN tokens. To add to the decentralization of the platform, each holder of the token has rights to vote on important issues connected with the Taklimakan Network like changes of the rules or new features and upgrades.

ICO Phase

It's worth noting that during the first early stage of pre-sale, the project has managed to reach their Hard Cap. They've raised over 3 million dollars then, which can greatly help in the development and deliverance of the Taklimakan platform.

ICO starts on the 9th of April and will last two months. The initial price of the token is set at $0.05 for 1 TKLN. During the main ICO phase, they aim to sell 550.000.000 TLKN tokens, with the hard cap being set at 36667 ETH, as it's the only accepted currency during the crowdsale. Unsold tokens will be burned. The funds raised will be used to develop the platform, expand the team, integrate the token, cover marketing and legal expenses.

The Team

The team behind Taklimakan Network is very broad and consists of experienced specialists from all over the world. Apart from project managers with enormous experience in developing fintech projects on different markets with the previous focus on the Asian market. Most of them have been early adopters and investors in the cryptocurrency world. The technical side of the project is also in good hands, as the developers have many years of previous experience and knowledge about various programming languages.

Final Thoughts

The platform from the technical point of view and when it comes to the content of documents and the informational materials is very well prepared to successfully conduct the ICO phase. Their already reached their first goals and the platform seems to be popular with the users. The sole idea of creating a place, which could help new users learn more about cryptocurrency world is very good, especially as this industry will only grow further in the next years.

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