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Signals ICO Review

23 november 2017, 19:16

General Idea

Signals wants to empower the cryptocurrency investors with powerful tools that can be programmed and set up to automatically trade in the most efficient way. They want to provide these tools in a way that even people not familiar with programming or technologies could easily set it up and profit from.

Machine learning

As the tool has been created in order to help the investors maximize their profits, the usual doubt with such projects is if the bot can really make better decisions than human. They advocate for machine learning by noting that the computer can make the decisions much more faster and accurate as it's able to compute and analyze enormous amount of data almost instantly.

No programming skills needed

The interesting part of the platform is the fact that the investor doesn't need to have any special programming skills in order to set up the bots properly. Anyone can use the Signals visual strategy. The user can choose from a variety of indicators and instructions from traditional analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring.

The program can later be connected to the crypto exchange of investor choice. This can be done through cloud service, while for the users concerned about security of such connection, an open-source desktop app will be available to download, which will execute the trades in the background.

Training the algorithm

Before the strategy is launched and the trading can start, the program analyze how the strategy would perform based on the historical data on various exchanges. You can therefore see for yourself if there is any profit to be expected, while the program can look for ways to improve the strategy to maximize the potential profits.

For developers

Signal focuses on providing the tools for everyday users, however it doesn't mean someone experienced with such algorithms has to be limited to some presets. Developers, data scientists and programmers can create new trading indicators from scratch. They can later add it to the platform for other users to use and monetize it. Not only it encourages creating new algorithms for own profits, but also to develop the community and Signals marketplace of trading indicators.

Decentralized supercomputer

After the strategy or algorithm is developed, it's worth checking how it will behave with real data. Training based on historical data can be very CPU consuming. Signal wants to provide its users with a world-wide decentralized supercomputer where an investor can train his strategies and even carry out computationally complex experiments in reasonable time. They will automatically generate feedback on how successful the strategy would be with new data and analyze the risks and possible revenues.

The token

SGN tokens will be used to create and get access to premium algorithms created by specialists or other users. Tokens can be also used to get access to the super computer and it's enormous computing power when it comes to any data analysis. SGN is a standard Ethereum ERC-20 based token, which means it can be stored along with other ICO tokens in most of popular Ethereum wallets.


The presale starts at the 22nd of November and will last a month or until the set cap is reached. The main ICO phase will be announced within 4 weeks after successful presale phase.

The team

It's good to see people familiar and experienced with both programming and data analysis. Many ICO projects can't offer in their teams anyone but CEOs and executives or advisors. In Signals case, there are traceable and real people who specialize in exactly what is needed. There are data scientist and trading algorithm developers, as well as blockchain and smart contract specialists.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are multiple other ICO projects that focus on creating tools and bots to improve trading, Signals seems to be possibly the most user-friendly. The fact that there is no need for programming skills is a huge advantage and can encourage many people who want to try out investing based on algorithms. This however doesn't limit the more experience ones to use the platform to it's fullest and create own algorithms. They can even profit from it by selling it to other users. The overall apparel of the site is also quite pleasant.

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