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PEP Network ICO Review

15 april 2018, 12:32

General Idea

PEP Network is introducing first blockchain render protocol for personalizable content marketplace. They have noticed a new type of content related to improved type of emojis and stickers, which allows to express emotions through apps by personalized reaction animations and means of communications similar to real face-to-face conversation. Content creators will also have a perfect place to create, as there are no convenient places and stores for them to create for everyone and without any limits.

Emojis and stickers

With the development of communication, especially through smartphones and messaging apps, creation of simple way to express your emotion through screen was essential and in a way revolutionary. When you talk with another person, you can see how they react and the intention of their words, by the look on their face or their body movement. However, when you only see their words written on the screen of your phone, the sentences and their intention may seem hard to decode, as you can simply say the same information in a positive or negative tone. Various emojis and stickers made it easy to show your mood and reaction without showing your face.

Animojis, Live Stickers and Camera AR Lens

Currently, in a pursuit of even more personalized and accurate expressions, 3D technology brought something more. Animojis, Live Stickers and Camera AR Lens are happening now and PEP Network wants to contribute to what may be the next big thing for smartphones and messaging apps. Mobigraph has a patented technology on personalized expressions. The goal is to allow users to show their real reactions without limiting them to simple graphics or icons. The higher emotional engagement happens because user is experiencing the way facial expression and body moves, thanks to animation. Animation drives the expressiveness and engagement in communications. It's been noticed that more and more users are looking for animated content for their daily needs.

Moreover, By 2020 there will be 6 Billion users of Messaging, Keyboards, Camera apps where expressiveness is a key feature and need and the market is expected to exceed $250 billion dollars. Not only the sole messaging app market will thrive, as more content is created the whole Personalized Merchandise market will be born is expected to be $31 billion by 2021.


PEP Network wants to connect creators of this new type of content in one neat marketplace. The need for personalization has been noticed also by bigger companies, as Apple and Samsung are slowly introducing their Animojis and AR mojis. Personalization in Messaging, AR/VR, Advertising, Bots & Merchandise can bring greater connect with the user.

The problem is that all other leading social platforms have their own sticker shops, however they are rather limited and closed, which makes it hard for the user to find new and interesting add-ons, as well for the creator himself. PEP Network wants to bring a new standard to the industry. They will be able to do this, thanks to the blockchain technology and its transparency and decentralization. The project will also use AI and Distributed Rendering to bring the Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Farmers together to revolutionize the Personalized Content Economy.

The Tokens

PEP Tokens will be used as the primary payment option within the platform and marketplace. There will be 600,000,000 PEP tokens created. They can be spent on personalizable content or earned by content creators. Moreover, there will be an interesting mining feature for the platform, as any user can devote their idle CPUs and GPUs and internet connection and participate in the ecosystem to render consumer personalized content at runtime. These participants are Render Farmers on the ecosystem.

ICO Phase

The first whitelisted presale will take place in May from 15th to 17th, while the main stage is scheduled for the 30th of May, 2018. The public offering will last a month and the hard cap is set at $30 million. The initial price is set at $0.1 for one PEP.

The Team

Behind the project, there is an already existing and well-functioning company, Mobigraph. The founders, have previously worked with Samsung. There are graphic experts specialized with designing for mobile and handheld devices, who have worked on Samsung Galaxy Flagship Models. Mobigraph main product and idea is to make conversations between users and brands much more personal, playful and expressive. They achieve this by using hyper personalized emotions with Avatar Animojis, Animations & visual effects.

Final Thoughts

No matter how simple or ordinary the idea of animated and personalized emojis may seem, when technological giants like Samsung and Apple are also working on such technologies, it can only mean that it is going to be huge. The topic is relatively recent, therefore PEP Network is being created at the most perfect time. People are communicating through mobile phones constantly every day, and millions of stickers and simple emojis or other smiles are being sent every day. A new and fun improvement to this idea, may become very popular among users. The platform seems to be prepared very well, the designs and content of the whitepapers and documentations are on a very good level.

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