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Morpheus Labs Announces Platform Development to Unleashed Blockchain Potentials

16 march 2018, 16:14

Morpheus Labs Announces Platform Development to Unleashed Blockchain Potentials

Morpheus Labs has a vision. A vision of being in the bigger picture of what blockchain stands for.

Lately, in the new-found buzz of ‘choice’ and the price hype surrounding blockchain technology, solving real life problems has become sidelined in pursuit astronomical returns on ephemeral promises. Ultimately, blockchain is given less priority than it deserves and this is what Morpheus Labs is set to change.

Blockchain Platform as a Service

Morpheus Labs aims to unleash the blockchain latent potentials by tapping into its core through its enterprising Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) platform. The innovative service can be used by various entities for B2B transactions or as distributed ledgers. Businesses can promptly prototype their ideas and validate potential markets with ease through this service.

Morpheus Labs believes that blockchain solutions should be a simple and forward service brings the technology revolutionary powers to bear on the market. But in technical terms, deploying blockchain technology into a business is far from simple, it demands time, professionalism, experience, infrastructure and other tools. This is what BPaaS will bridge between mainstream market and cryptocurrency community. Morpheus Labs will work as the foundation that assist any idea originator or business professionals in the creation of their own blockchain solution with all the required tools for cost and time effective procedures.

Immutable Transparency, Tamper-proof Records

Blockchain as distributed ledgers provides true transparency and accountability which can be implemented in all work space. Morpheus Labs supports a lab-like environment, that also accommodate a B2C model for freelancers to build their applications or provide professional services. The platform services for blockchain application, development and hosting services, will contribute to the rapid adoption of blockchain worldwide.

The Singapore blockchain-platform-as-a-service startup, functionality will revolutionize the blockchain industry which is projected to be valued at $3 billion by the year 2030. To achieve the goal, Morpheus Labs has announced a hard cap of $25 million for its upcoming, three-staged token generated event (TGE). Already, the platform has been met by overwhelming success  with more than $30 million in written commitments from its private sales supporters

“We are confident that we will achieve this hard cap target. We have yet to include some countries in the roll-out, which explains the limited invitation basis,” Branson Lee, founding member of The Morpheus Labs, told e27.

To further enhance the gravity Morpheus Labs would pull in the blockchain industry, the startup has signed an memorandum of understanding with Singapore-based venture builder, Momentum Works. The memorandum will help initiate joint collaborations on ICO projects in Asia. The partnership allow Morpheus Labs the access to the revenues produced by companies and some of the best talent in the region.

Morpheus Labs is a unique project  founded by a team that has a combined 70 years’ experience in cross sections of technology including mobile applications, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain. The advisory team of the project are experienced in finance and investments with over 125 years of proficiency across Europe and Asia.

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