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ICO Project Review: Vertex.Market - ICO aftermarket, solving the issue of ICOs

14 october 2018, 22:07

General Idea is proposing quite an interesting and unique idea of an ICO aftermarket, which gives investors opportunity to buy popular ICO-based tokens even after they finish their public token sales. Moreover, they will be able to acquire them at their cheaper preferential prices, before they hit the exchanges and increase in value. Additionally, the developers behind the project believe that such platform will act beneficial for the whole market, as it will bring more fiat resources to the overall cryptocurrency market, by attracting the capital though its ICO vetting mechanism and its investors.

ICO Market

While the cryptocurrency market is a one phenomenon, the inside trend of Initial Coin Offerings and Token Sale has become another big thing in the world of finances and crowdfunding. In 2017, more than $6 billion was raised among 879 projects.

However, there is also a darker side of this type of funding. Many projects have failed very soon after the launch, the other part of them turned out to be scams and the developers simply disappeared with their users money. There are estimation that over $2.76 billion was lost or misused or simply changed hands without delivering promised products.

The sole idea of ICO has lost therefore its trust among investors, that are not that likely to buy into unknown projects anymore. Vertex wants to bring investment specialists and put the project through various tests for their reliability, transparency and preparation to eliminate any potential scams or simply not prepared projects. That's why the aftermarket of ICOs will be much better option for investors, as the tokens available there will be of the best projects from the particular period of time. They won't have to search through hundreds of ICOs as the choice will be narrowed down on the Vertex platform with the projects already filtered out of scams.

Benefits for Investors and ICOs

While investors can feel a bit more secure in this highly volatile and uncertain market, because the risks are lowered thanks to the specialists evaluations and quality checks done by Vertex, the ICOs accepted to the platform will also have their perks.

First of all, the project will get a reputational boost and will get investments from seasoned and disciplined, institutional investors. They will also get a free advertisement on the Vertex Platform. Moreover, the ICO will also have an access to a pool of KYC verified investors.

If the platform manages to sort out all of the low quality and potential scam projects, the whole market will benefit, as the Initial Coin Offerings and Token Sales will stop being perceived in negative light.

Token Sale

The Vertex token distribution is currently running, with the initial price of VTEX being $0.21. The price will increase as the token sale gets to its later phases. The end of the sale is scheduled for January 25th, 2019 or when all of the devoted tokens are sold. The funds will be mostly used for reinvestments and to conduct first purchases of ICO tokens.

The Team

As an advantage acts the fact that even at the early stage of the project, the team consists of variety of members responsible for all important aspects of the project. There are project managers, crypto analysts, designers and developers with an extension in the form of an advisory board experienced in blockchain technology. The team is relatively small, however it's also worth mentioning that there is a good amount of early investors and project partners.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the sole preparation and initial design, Vertex.Market gives a very professional expression and seems to be a well-thought project. The documentation in the form of whitepapers and 2-pager provide all of the necessary information and easily explain the main idea and core features of the project. The design of the site and materials presented there makes it easy to research the project and encourages potential investors. With ICOs having its ups and downs, negative publicity, while still raising millions of dollars, such platform can find its place in the crypto community and may be at least a partial solution to the problems connected with this type of funding. It will mostly depend on the quality and efficiency of Vertex expertise. Looking at the technical side, they will most likely be able to deliver the promised platform.

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