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Gron Digital Unveils the Future of Sports Betting and Gaming

12 march 2018, 22:54

Gron Digital Unveils the Future of Sports Betting and Gaming

Betting is one of the hobby in the history of man. Everyone has his purpose of betting; some for the fun of it while others for profit. In 2016 the regulated gaming and betting market was estimated at $45.86 billion. This market is projected to increase up to $55.19 billion by 2019. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg

Irrespective of this, there are key issues which have to be tackled for it has caused a lot of hurdles in the growth of this sector.

The illegal sector has gone from local markets to international scene which is estimated to be around $400 billion annually, almost ten times larger than the regulated market. The reason why illegal gaming sector is booming owes to the fact that most countries ban sports betting, coupled with the higher odds these illegal channels offers. This has given the gaming industry a bad reputation, resulting in strict regulations and monitoring that are highly centralized and prone to exploitation.

All this is about to change for we all know and agree on one thing; which is the decentralized nature and stability of transactions through blockchain technology. This technology is currently revolutionizing the industry through transparent and auditable system.

The gaming and betting industry is ripe for rehabilitation as human rights and consumer protection controls become more feasible with the advent of new methods of doing business. Gron is the platform poised to bring about this change.

A Smart Solution

Gron Digital is developing a more advanced solution, based on a cold-storage supported credit line or escrow facility and smart contract on Blockchain Technology. The platform will improve players experience online through innovative packages that targets general and specific player problems.

General Players Solution Package will be addressing legitimacy issues on Deposit and Withdrawals including Fair Gaming, while Specific Players Solution Package is a set of solutions and improvement that will be unique to Gron product offering, not forgetting Operators and Suppliers.

Gron Digital, The Game Changer

Gron digital is not the first in the market with the idea of upgrading equity and trust in the gaming sector with the use of Blockchain technology. However, they are the first to use Smart Contract across a gaming value chain in an unmatched implementation ensures that useful data is collected and stored. This can be utilized to better understand the marketplace and the drivers associated with it.

A Smart Contract within the Ethereum environment is a self-executing agreement which requires no user intervention, whereby the agreed terms of the contract between the parties are directly written into lines of immutable code

This means that transactions between parties happen automatically and under predetermined rules and regulations which cannot be circumvented. It also means that by overlaying a second layer of protocol, transactions and parameters are recorded in real time to create a database of the counterparties to the transactions and their actions. This database is key to designing comprehensive affiliate or loyalty scheme within the GRO token community. The database will also become an extremely valuable resource for operators and suppliers to understand their target markets

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