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CrowdCoinage ICO Review

17 january 2018, 22:57

General Idea

CrowdCoinage wants to create a platform that will empower startups. They want to make the whole process of raising funds and finding investors much more easier for new projects, but also help investors have a greater impact and influence on where their money goes. Eventually, CrowdCoinage wants to become an ultimate crowdfunding platform, that could offer a wide variety of different financial services, which could include for example loans and insurance services for the startups.

Crowdfunding ICOs

CrowdCoinage OS will act as a base platform, where other projects could conveniently run and manage their ICO campaigns. The OS will allow for the integration with various services and act as a managing platform, which would help organize and develop the project much more effectively. For example, the platform will be integrated with two major exchanges, which can act as a great advantage for the projects when it comes to managing the cryptocurrencies or even issuing their own tokens.

The platform itself will be a convenient place for investors to find interesting projects. They can filter them out, sort and search by particular tags. The startup can provide all of the necessary information there with graphics and token details.

Cooperation and community

Project founders will be able to communicate with each other and look for talented people with particular skills. They could even build their team from scratch. CrowdCoinage doesn't want this part of the platform to become a simple hiring and freelance job market. They want to create a place for various projects and teams to cooperate, work together on solutions, give feedbacks to each other or ask for help. This could happen either in a public forum or in a private chat. Help can be free of charge or helpers may be awarded with some CrowdCoinage tokens based on the quality of help or difficulty of the task.


While some of the basic tools needed to run ICO campaign effectively will be provided by the platform, the rest additional features or various helpful services could be ordered and purchased at the CrowdCoinage Marketplace. They expect the companies that are working in financial analysis, scoring, audit and risks sectors as their potential customers. 

P2P Loans

With a platform full of investors and entrepreneurs, a lending system seems to be a great addition. Introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts have created a secure way to conduct peer-to-peer loans. Everything is transparently recorded within the blockchain, which assures that every loan and people taking part in it can be traced. The sole transaction is protected by a smart contract. Lenders would appear in a listing along with the amount they would like to lend and then one or more investors could loan them either the whole sum or just a part of it. This would make it easy for investors to lower potential risks.

Since the development and popularization of blockchain technology P2P lending market is prospering very well. According to Transparency Market Research, it is expected to rise at a CAGR of 48.2% between 2016 and 2024 to reach ultimately even 898 billion dollars.

CrowdCoinage exchange

In order to provide project creators to have everything conveniently in one place, CrowdCoinage wants to develop their own exchange, that would take care of converting the funds raised during the ICO phase. Projects get the donations and investments in various fiat and cryptocurrencies and during ICO phase they are even issuing their own tokens, therefore it is essential to manage all of this transactions and coins.

Cryptocurrency wallet

In addition to the exchange, there will also be developed an easy to use web wallet supporting multiple currencies. Users will have their own wallet generated during the sign up process on the platform. They will have access to the private keys. Apart from all of the highest standards of security, like online and offline storages or additional encryption, there will be also a two-factor authentication protection.

E-Residency integration

In the end of the year 2014, Estonia became the first country in the world to introduce the concept of e-Residency. It enables foreigners to apply for a secure digital residency in Estonia and set up a company even if they don’t actually live there. Everything can happen online, from running the business, paying taxes to signing or authenticating documents. The e-Residency program offers a way to integrate digital identities into third party applications as well.

The token

CCOS coin will be used within the platform to pay for various services like for example loans or insurances at the marketplace, but also to set up and run ICO campaigns. As the platform will be integrated with the E-Residency program, it may also be possible to use CCOS within your own business.

ICO phase

The pre-sale starts at the 15th of January and is extended till the 28th of January,  while the main Token Sale will take place from 12th of February to the 12th of March. The initial exchange rate is set at 1 ETH = 10,000 CCOS tokens. CCOS tokens will be listed on various exchanges right after the token sale ends.

The Team

The team behind the project is mainly Estonia-based. It consists of skillful and experienced people that have previously worked with big and known companies. As an advantage acts the fact that the team consists mostly of developers and programmers, which means that the technical part of the project is in good hands.

Final Thoughts

Crowdcoinage seems to be prepared very well when it comes to technical aspects, but also marketing side. They want to become an ultimate platform for other businesses and projects to run on and this may become a useful feature, as the platform offers a lot of convenient tools. There are other seemingly similar ICO projects that want to develop crowdfunding platforms, however Crowdcoinage can compete against them without any problems.

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