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Blockchain and stem cells: the 21st century cocktail against aging process?

23 august 2018, 12:38 by Vergil Younge

This article is a sponsored Press Release and not a part of regular TokenTops series.

Blockchain and stem cells: the 21st century cocktail against aging process?

Cleopatra, Empress Wu Zetian, Mary (Queen of Scots) and many others were trying to find a miracle anti-aging cream that could help them to stay young, beautiful and immortal.

The health industry has drastically improved over the last few decades, but has it evolved enough to ensure youth and immortality?

People became so obsessed with beauty and staying young, that it couldn’t affect the development of the beauty industry. However, research laboratories, or we could even call them the basis of the whole beauty industry, because they are working on delaying aging, extending longevity and life-span, don’t follow the pattern. Moreover, they are always under-funded.

As a result, real working rejuvenating products and drugs are only available to the elite, due to its high cost and rarity. Now, the following questions must be answered: what are these products made of and which body process they aim to freeze?

According to a study presented in “A synopsis on aging—Theories, mechanisms and future prospects”, the main culprit of aging is our endocrine system. Its main function consists in communicating with cells using chemicals called hormones. Endocrine glands and their hormones regulate a number of metabolic processes within cells, and the whole body. Thus, many anti-aging products aim at restoring the levels of specific hormones in older people.

Needless to say that biological aging is one of the most complex processes. Most brilliant minds of the planet have been working on theories of aging and only now we are getting closer to find out the secret of generations.

Human stem cells have been demonstrated to be a useful tool in solving such health issues like blindness, nerve regeneration, liver restoration and other age-related diseases. It is not strange at all that stem cells have been promoted as the potential holy grail to the illnesses of aging.

Stem Cell therapy helps to activate weakened cells and proliferate important cells declining in number daily. Once finding out damaged tissues, the stem cells are activated by themselves and try to repair and regenerate the tissues.

It’s clear that stem cells have tremendous prospects. They can be used both for anti-aging therapy and to treat diseases, injury to the bone, skin, or any other part of one’s body.

According to a research provided by EuroStemCell, for today stem cell treatment is widely used to cure diseases and conditions of the blood and immune system, to regrow skin grafts for patients with severe burns or even to restore the blood system after treatments for specific cancers.

At the present time, stem cells are utilized in more than 250 forms of treatment and new discoveries are being made daily in the field of stem cell research and applied therapies. But despite the fact that stem cells applications are rapidly gaining momentum, there is still the need to investigate further, in order to yield significant exceptions in delaying the aging process.

Very regrettably, this technology is now available only to researchers, scientists and all sort of celebrities, including actors, politicians and sport stars.

But, if they can use it, why can’t you? There is a Japanese company named Stem Cell Project that expands regenerative medicine to a worldwide level. One shouldn’t forget that even traditional Japanese medicine is known throughout the world as the “elixir of immortality” due to its anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory action. So, it is not strange, that they have taken a real leadership role in this area of healthcare.

Stem Cell Project will rely on the AI and blockchain technology, that already had a track record in traditional healthcare system. These technologies will help not only to expand access to stem cell research, development, and treatments but also to increase the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data.

Instead of substituting the current system, Stem Cell Project intends to complement the services and improve them using advanced technology. For instance, this solution will leverage AI and blockchain to establish a Virtual Clinic.

This sort of clinics will help to make online diagnosis and reduce patient wait times, thanks to a variety of features such as remote medical checkup system, a chatbot and translation function. Patients will be able to receive various medical services on 1 device online, regardless of their social or geographical situation. As a result, patients will feel a closer connection to doctors by using the network among the member hospitals/clinics of Japan Society of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine and AIbot diagnosis.

With the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Stem Cell Project aims to bridge the healthcare gap by providing services, such as pathological/diagnostic imaging systems, to people that didn’t have access to medical treatment earlier. However, the main merit of Stem Cell Project is making anti-aging reversal process real, and affordable.

To become part of the project and help in diffusing the stem cells therapy you can participate in Stem Cell Project’s crowdsale! There are three stages, with different discount in each of them, to purchase the SCC tokens.

  • Pre-ICO: May 16 - September 15, 2022 (300,000,000 SCC have been already sold out).

  • Private sale: September 16 - September 30, 2022 (400,000,000 SCC).

  • Public Sale: October 16 - October 30, 2022 (200,000,000 SCC).

The SCC tokens can be purchased using BTC, ETH, NEO cryptocurrencies. Join now and enjoy the advantages of being an early-bird contributor!

If you want to learn more about Stem Cell Project, visit the official website, download the White Paper and join our Telegram community.

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