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Join Celebrates 1 Million Downloads in 5 Months

29 december 2017, 12:05

Bitcoin wallet app provider,, is celebrating a milestone after hitting a million download for its multi-currency wallet in four months. What makes this more remarkable is the software was launched on August 2017. The developers attributed the explosive growth to the simplicity of features and the integration of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the non-custodial wallet functionality. Celebrates 1 Million Downloads in 5 Months

“A million wallets downloaded in just a few months is incredible,” say Mate Tokay, COO of “You can really see how cryptocurrency is growing more popular every day with metrics like these. Additionally, since we added bitcoin cash functionality to our wallet’s software, we’ve seen an intense uptick in user downloads as well. Digital assets are here to stay, and wants to help people understand cryptocurrencies, and use them in their everyday lives — The Wallet is meant to bolster that vision.”

Currently available on multiple operating systems - Apple's IOS, Linux, Mac, Windows and Android - wallet plans to serve a billion cryptocurrency users in the near future and has instituted plans and synergic partnerships to deliver a “best-in- class” service for users. The popularity of cryptocurrency and increasing awareness of its benefits in securing transactions and eliminating risk factors through disintermediation has increased its adoption ratio worldwide. This has resulted in an upswing of users looking for secure software for storing their cryptos. However, while users often find themselves spoilt for choice on which wallet to download, there is always the question of security and privacy vs. accessibility and design. Some wallets compromise on users’ privacy for intuitive design and accessibility, while others focus strongly on privacy and security features that makes using the app a chore. strikes the perfect balance between design, privacy, security, and accessibility by creating a simple and user friendly front-end and a pro-active, security conscious back-end. The company has also release its source code on Github for community review and audit.

Creating and using the wallet is simple and intuitive. Users are fully in control of their personal private keys, ensuring that no third-party has access to the funds stored on the wallet.

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