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Aitheon ICO Review

31 march 2018, 23:59

General Idea

Aitheon wants to make it easier for people to communicate with various robots and create one easy to use platform, which would be able to manage and run the company's automation, physical robotics and devices. At present, there is no cohesive platform for a business owner or user, who employs AI or robotics to allow him to do this without being highly knowledgeable in computer science or engineering. As they state on their website: "We believe that individuals and organizations should be able to pursue their passions and not be distracted by complex back-end business functions."

Business automation

As the technology progress, more and more business and companies integrate some kind of robotic help. Manufactures currently rely strongly on many various machines, which helps them build variety of things from your everyday items, toys, household devices to computers or cars. Other companies are not able to find suitable employees in their regions, therefore they seek the help in modern technologies. However, there is one essential problem. Due to constant technological updates, business owners, governments, and professionals would need to constantly follow new technological trends and solutions, which may be very hard to keep up with, as they are constantly evolving. Moreover, it is quite time consuming to acquire and adopt this new knowledge or teach employees how to operate the machines, and therefore it's often costly to implement.

Retraining workforce

Many people are against popularization of technological development, as these robots and programs are slowly taking jobs of many people. Aitheon wants to connect people with the technology in a way, where human input is still needed. Although AI can carry many tasks to 90-99% completion, humans are better at recognition and implementation in many areas.

For example, in a case where AI is working in human resources, it is able to search for and recruit potentially the best candidates to fill a particular position. However, it is not able to comprehend all of the information. Through the Aitheon platform, an accredited individual with an extensive expertise and background in human resources could then enter the process in the final steps and approve documents that AI is unable to understand, like previous work experience or letters of recommendation. The combination of people working with AI are called Aitheon Specialists.

The same goes for physical robots and machines. They may be more precise than humans, however they still can make mistakes or malfunction. There is a need for specialists, who know how to operate the robots, fix them in case of any problems and supervise the whole production process to ensure proper performance.

Digital Bots

Apart from real robots and machines, the platform will also focus on the development of much more advanced technologies and bots in the digital world. This opens up for the whole Artificial Intelligence sector, which is slowly becoming more and more popular and integrated in various businesses. Moreover, by using Aitheon to do all of the backend and technical jobs, the Aitheon Creators Program enables innovators to design and develop new Digibots.

ICO Phase

The crowdsale and main ICO phase starts on the 20th of April, 2018 and it will last for 45 days. At the beginning there will be a 30% discount, which will decrease with time, which means that the earlier you decide to buy, the more tokens you can get for that price. The initial price is set at $0.245 for one AIC token, while at the end of the crowdsale the price will reach $0.35 per token. They want to devote 250 million tokens for the public sale, however the rest of the tokens will remain in the mining pool and will be awarded to miners for helping the AI and robotic services.

The Team

The team behind Aitheon project can be considered an advantage for the project. The team is relatively big compared to other startups and ICO projects and consists of experienced and skilled people. There are photos and LinkedIn accounts provided next to the members to prove that they are real people, as many suspicious projects refuse to showcase their members. Apart from developers, who take care of technical side of the project and developing the sole platform, there are people responsible for maintaining the contact with the community and potential investors, while the whole advertising side and marketing strategy is also in good hands.

Final Thoughts

The project is very well prepared from the technical and business side, with very extensive and transparent whitepapers and roadmap. Robotics and AI technologies are becoming more and more popular, therefore we can expect that in the next years most of the companies and businesses will want to integrate them and Aitheon may be the platform to help them do this. It can even speed up the process of automation in many fields, as it would be much easier thanks to the platform.

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