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Jury.Online New Partner - Naoris
Jury.Online team has recently introduced the community to our new arbiters - David Carvalho and Monica Oravcova. Now we are happy to announce that we have concluded an agreement with the company they founded - Naoris - and glad to declare them our partner.
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Jury.Online: Platform and Site Sneak Peek
A project implementing a concept of Responsible ICO Jury.Online is continuously developing and improving in order to benefit our clients at most. After ICO Jury.Online project keeps working on business and an expanded service base. Jury.Online team is currently working the platform and site development to give our Projects, Investors and Arbiters more convenient access to the platform. Soon we will present a brand new user interface of our platform as well as our site. By the end of the month we will introduce a new website design.
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Jury.Online New Partner - Swap.Online
A secure ICO conducting platform Jury.Online announces co-operation and connection of Swap.Online solution. Swap.Online is a decentralized cryptocurrency market. Now its best features are available for Jury.Online clients in order to benefit from. Swap.Online offers the users its own p2p protocol, fully decentralized and perfectly secure exchange right in the browser and the solution for cryptoprojects funding.
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Clients News: Elysian CFO Jesse Brandenburg
Jury.Online team is keeping the community tuned about the current news of our clients. Elysian is a decentralized platform for building Ecommerce websites based on the blockchain. In order to create trust between businesses and consumers it involves secure data storage and unprecedented user experience. Jesse Brandenburg holds the position of CFO at the Elysian project. Many start-ups (especially in the ICO space) have trouble managing the money invested. Proper asset management is key to the health and longevity of the business.
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How it Works

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Jury.Online platform - easy way to invest

General Concept

General Concept Diagram


The platform brings advantages to each party of the platform

А guaranteed refund of up to 99.5% of total investment

Direct communication with the developers of the Project

Clear and secure way to contribute in responsible Projects

Raise potential investment attractiveness

Make crowdsale average investment amount larger

Use our Arbiters as top notch advisors

Become a part of the game-changing force

Earn money by taking decisions

Earn rating and become famous in cryptoworld



Funds are stored on a smart-contract balance and can’t be released unless the certain conditions and requirements are met.

Multistep Funds Release

Stored funds are released upon completion of certain milestones set by the Project. Roadmaps of the milestones may be linear or complex based on the planning and prediction of the Project. Jury.Online provides its users with all necessary tools to implement smart-contract’s funds release depending on the roadmaps of the Project.

ICO Dispute Resolution

Jury.Online offers pools of Arbiters for the Projects and Investors. Arbiters are people well-known in various areas as IT, fintech, legal or blockchain and they are not affiliated with either of the parties in the platform. They make preliminary evaluation of the project, give advice in their area of specialization and in case of conflict analyze the results and vote for either of parties.

Arbiter Market

Growing and expanding Jury.Online will form an Arbiter market by providing Arbiters with rating and allowing them to set their own pricing for ICO supervision. The parties of the platform will have the opportunity to choose from the list of the Arbiters based on their rating, price or specialization, knowing costs in advance.


All smart contracts are deployed by the Projects, but they are based on Jury.Online templates which are open source and verified. This method helps to achieve flawless operation of smart contracts and add Arbiters to the relations between the Investor and the Project. Blockchain provides the parties with the unique security measures to keep their communication and funds safe.

ICO has successfully finished


3 228 464,80 USD

Collected during ico

Including fiat:
3 927 408 USD
  • 4,20BTC

  • 21,08LTC

  • 4248,32ETH

  • 0,18BCH

  • 150,06ETC


Meet our Arbiters


Meet our team

  • Alexander Shevtsov Founder of Jury.Online
    Alexander Shevtsov Founder of Jury.Online
  • Konstantin Kudriavtsev Chief Technical Officer
    Konstantin Kudriavtsev Chief Technical Officer
  • Valeriy Strechen Marketing Director
    Valeriy Strechen Marketing Director
  • Igor Mironenko Team Lead
    Igor Mironenko Team Lead
  • Igor Lavrenov DevOps
    Igor Lavrenov DevOps
  • Juan Bernardo Tobar Blockchain developer
    Juan Bernardo Tobar Blockchain developer
  • Nik Alekseev Art Director
    Nik Alekseev Art Director
  • Art Pirozhkov Chief Operating Officer
    Art Pirozhkov Chief Operating Officer
  • Nikolay Prudnikov Business Development Officer
    Nikolay Prudnikov Business Development Officer
  • Anastasia Bormotova PR Manager
    Anastasia Bormotova PR Manager
  • Marina Kobyakova Business Development
    Marina Kobyakova Business Development
  • Sabrina Akhundova Business assistant
    Sabrina Akhundova Business assistant
  • Anna Stepanova Content manager
    Anna Stepanova Content manager
  • Konstantin Serov Digital marketing specialist
    Konstantin Serov Digital marketing specialist
  • Lee Yun Keun Head of Asia & N. America
    Lee Yun Keun Head of Asia & N. America
  • Shin Bum Seok Head of Korea
    Shin Bum Seok Head of Korea
  • Carmen De la Cruz Böhringer Ambassador in Europe
    Carmen De la Cruz Böhringer Ambassador in Europe


Success stories

Being Jury.Online partner brings benefits to each partner. By building up better ecosystem we thrive to recover cryptoworld and assist Projects in achieving their goals

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